Adele has been looking for love in all the wrong places until she meets up with her polar opposite in Josh. An awkward friendship grows into a deep love but from the beginning Adele had sensed something peculiar about Josh. Strange but marvelous occurrences surround Josh’s life that turn out to be something bigger than the both of them. Through Josh, Adele finds healing and discovers that love is a mystery not always to be understood, but never to be missed.


Sojourner follows the life of a tortured spirit in Adele who has come to believe that true love is a fairy tale until she meets her savior in Josh. As their relationship grows, strange but marvelous occurrences surround her newfound love leading her to believe that Josh is more than what he seems. The deepest depths of relationships are explored as Adele and Josh face the ultimate test of their love for each other. Sojourner is a love story of the greatest proportions but it is also a story of redemption, victory and healing to be experienced from the depths of one’s soul.

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